Kathleen Elementary School

Elementary Music Showcase

Every year, Polk County School Board Department of Fine Arts puts on the Elementary Music Showcase, where fourth and fifth graders from all over Polk County come together to create an evening of music. Students are selected to perform in the Girls Choir, Boys Choir, Orff Ensemble, or String Ensemble. This year, Kathleen Elementary School sent six students: Omaira Irizarry (Orff Ensemble), Jayla Brown (Girls Choir), Cameron Barnes (Boys Choir), Jovan Chery (Boys Choir), Dontavious Baker (Boys Choir), and Kayleigh Roberts (String Ensemble). These students committed to several after school rehearsals as well as an entire day of working with their group’s clinician to prepare several pieces of music to present on the evening of May 3rd in Branscomb Auditorium at Florida Southern College. They worked hard, represented KES well, demonstrated excellent musicianship, and most importantly, had a wonderful time making music together!